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3 Tips for a Great Barbecue


person grilling outdoors

Barbecues are one of the best meals for summer weather. Nothing beats the smell of meat cooking over a fire and the taste of a well-cooked burger! To help you take advantage of the nice weather here in Baltimore, MD, we’ve got three tips for you on how you can throw a great barbecue in this week’s Overlook at Franklin Square Blog!


Keep it Simple

Save yourself the hassle of preparing elaborate dishes. As much as you long to try out that recipe you found on Pinterest, a barbecue gathering may not be the best time for that, especially if you know there are going to be kids there. You can’t go wrong with simplicity. Burgers and hot dogs are an American staple that most people are sure to love and are perfect for kids. Simplicity should apply to side dishes as well, instead of complex dishes like potato salad or grilled vegetable kabobs, opt for chips or even grilled corn!


Be Prepared

Ensure that your guests have enough utensils, plates, cups, and napkins before they even arrive at the party. Have a checklist of the crucial items you need and, as you purchase those items, keep them all in an easy to remember place so you don’t misplace anything. Always remember to bring extra trash bags so that clean up is quick and easy. Be kind and courteous to the people that will use the grills after you.   



Letting your guests know the details of your event is crucial to having everything go as planned. If you intend on making your occasion a potluck, it would be good for your guests to know in advance so they can plan the dishes they wish to bring. Communication can be the difference between having a great time and being stressed out that things aren’t going well.