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Fun Autumn Activities

A pile of pumpkins
Being bored should never be an option, especially when there are so many fun and exciting things to do! Get into the spirit of the season by doing some fun activities. In this week’s Overlook at Franklin Square Blog, we’ve got suggestions on things you can do to enjoy your Halloween here in Baltimore, MD!

Pumpkin Carving

Head to a local pumpkin patch or the grocery store to pick up a few pumpkins. You can carve the traditional jack-o-lanterns, something scary, or even a design inspired from popular culture! You don’t have to be an artist, either. You can scour the internet for printable stencils to use. These carved pumpkins make for great interior and exterior decorations and bring that extra Halloween mood into your home.

Watching Halloween Movies and Shows

Spend the evening on your couch watching some Halloween movies or television shows to get yourself in the mood of the season. If you get scared easily, you can invite some friends over to help lighten the mood and make it a little easier to watch something scary. Try watching some shows like Supernatural, Black Mirror, or The Walking Dead or movies like Scream, The Purge, or Halloween! Horror movies or suspenseful TV shows may have scenes that are intended for mature audiences, so viewer discretion is advised.   

Making Fall Treats

As fun as carving pumpkins and watching movies are, they can’t compare to eating! Find some fun recipes for fall treats to make in your apartment or head out to buy some! Whether it’s pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, or even caramel apples, you can enjoy some delicious fall treats in celebration of the season!

Do you do anything special for fall or Halloween? Let us know about those fun activities by leaving a comment for our apartment community. Thanks for reading!