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Pool Time at Overlook at Franklin Square


Overlook at Franklin Square, Baltimore, MD Apartments  Cool down and enjoy a day at the community pool by following our tips on making the most of a hot summer day!

Welcome back to the Overlook at Franklin Square Blog. This week we’ve got some great tips for how to enjoy these hot summer days! With the warmer weather, the “want” to cool down becomes a “need” — so we suggest jumping into the cool and refreshing water of our Baltimore, MD apartment pool!


Dress for the Occasion

A day at the pool consists of a swimsuits and sunscreen, not jeans. Dressing for a day at the pool is a key element of your experience. Be sure to apply sunscreen frequently, especially after an extended period of time in the pool. For your sanity and wallet, keep all electronics and expensive items away from the pool to prevent them from getting ruined by the water or excessive heat.


Be Prepared

Preparation is important. Remember to pack all of your essentials: sunscreen, towel, a first aid kit, etc. Accidents happen, but preparing both physically and mentally for emergency events can be the difference between someone getting severely injured or not. Keep your first aid kit handy in case the people you’re with suffer a scrape or cut.


Mental preparation is important in emergencies even though you’re never fully prepared for what’s to come, you can be aware of how you should act should an emergency arise. Maintaining a sense of calm reassurance helps others remain calm too.


Be Mindful of Others

Everyone wants to have fun when they go to the pool, whether it’s swimming for exercise, or a simply hanging out with friends. While you’re having fun with your friends, be mindful of the other people. Splashing around is fun as long as people are in on the fun, so keep splashing to a minimum when you’re around others, just in case they aren’t down for that. We all want to avoid injury as much as possible, so join others in making a concerted effort to keep horseplay to a minimum, and be aware of the people around you.


We’re pleased to provide a pool as one of our community amenities! Have fun using it this summer. Do you have any tips for a great day at the pool?   Please share with us in the comments.